Eco-Rend (South East) Ltd recognises that good environmental practice is vital to the wellbeing and public perception of our Company and that of our clients. We understand the need and the committed required for improving and reducing the impacts of our activities upon the environment.

Senior Management at Eco-Rend (South East) Ltd will manage environmental issues whilst aiming to commit to continual environmental improvement and to the prevention of all Environmental impacts to air, water and land directly or indirectly, caused by our activities.

We aim to:

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and other legislation requirements as necessary.
  • Make all employees aware of our environmental policy, provide suitable training to improve environmental awareness and allocate clear responsibilities.
  • Work alongside each client to ensure that all environmental requirements are adhered to on site.
  • Develop, operate and update systems and procedures, as applicable, for our operations and their monitoring to ensure compliance with the policy.
  • Review specific environmental objectives and monitor the Company’s progress where applicable.
  • We will utilise the full potential of our work force by providing all necessary training and a working environment that promotes safe and clean working practices.
  • Review actual and potential environmental impacts of our activities and those of our staff.
  • Strive for continual improvement in environmental performance through setting objectives and targets and monitoring the results where applicable.
  • Reduce waste and consumption of materials, fuel and energy.
  • Identify, influence and promote environmental responsibility of all suppliers and contractors performing activities on our behalf.
  • Manage purchasing to continually improve performance.
  • The site specific environment policy will be communicated to all site workers.
  • Monitor our premises and transport usage to produce optimum efficiency.
  • Employ staff locally to each project where possible and practicable.
  • Encourage our staff to meet with our policy requirements and any others relevant to their operations.
  • Work with stakeholders, contractors and partner organisations and Clients to improve the management of environmental aspects and impacts.

We will as far as is reasonably practicable:-

  • Monitor raw materials and energy usage, wastes and emissions etc.
  • Seek opportunities to turn waste into profitable by-products or to recycle and explore the possibility of more effective and economic methods for waste disposal.
  • Encourage employees to provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Use a registered waste disposal company to dispose of waste to appropriate disposal sites as and when required.
  • When using contractors, make sure that they conform to the Company’s standards.
  • Report and communicate Environmental Performance to each client wherever practicable and required.

Our Environmental policy will be regularly reviewed to identify areas of improvement.

All employees have a duty to contribute to meet the requirements of this Policy by increasing their awareness of the environmental effects of their actions.

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